Our Mission and Vision

The Vision

The vision for this company is to provide a quality, professional, and carefully crafted clever marketing scheme and video representative of your organization and post it on the eight, and counting, social media platforms associated with Light After Dark Productions, LLC for your business' maximum exposure.

Enough for Everyone - Our Mission

It's simple. There is enough for everyone. Everyone deserves to eat.

This small business wants to provide a platform for every other small business to advertise their product, skill, craft, talent, whatever they want the world to see.

The more exposure your small business receives, the likelihood of your business receiving additional customers is high.

Hiring a videography company can be expensive, and the finished product may be informational and professional, but lack a certain je ne sais quoi. Anyone can record and edit a video, but very few can capture the pure essence of your company and add that special flair that can only be imitated, but never duplicated.

We work with all small businesses, with or without marketing budgets. Occasionally we gift the video for those businesses for a good cause.

The information is free, the experience is priceless, yet the reward is beyond measure.